V.I.P Card

We value your business and want to thank you for your patronage.

With the new Strait-Way KIA Free Oil for Life V.I.P. card you’ll never pay for engine oil for the life of your vehicle. All you need to do is follow Kia Canada’s recommended Basic Maintenance Program.


Cardholder does not pay for oil for any regular maintenance service. Customer will be responsible for labor, oil filter, environmental fees, shop supplies and other charges. Cardholder must adhere to Kia’s maintenance menu and follow the appropriate mileage and time intervals defined within the maintenance menu. Failure to follow the maintenance menu will result in the card becoming void immediately.

Although it is not the responsibility of Strait-Way Kia to remind the Cardholder of the appropriate service in which they are due, we will make every effort to encourage the cardholder to follow the proper schedule.

Card is non-transferable, and has no monetary value.

Card is valid as long as the purchasing owner owns the vehicle.

No mileage or time limitations!

Strait-Way Kia reserves the right to modify or cancel the program at any time.

Card is valid only at Strait-Way Kia

Strait-Way Kia will not reimburse any customer expense for services performed at other repair facilities.

2006-2011 Pricing Regular Price V.I.P. Price
Service #1 $ 40.95 $ 18.93
Service #2 $ 81.94 $ 67.99
Service #3 $ 151.95 $ 138.00

All Prices + Tax

Free Oil for Life

2012 & + Pricing Regular Price V.I.P. Price
Service #1 $ 40.95 $ 18.93
Service #2 $ 119.95 $ 106.00
Service #3 $ 189.95 $ 176.00
Service #4 $ 269.95 $ 256.00

All Prices + Tax

Free Oil for Life