Strait-Way KIA hopes that every visit to our Service Department is a pleasant experience. To this end, we offer a shuttle service for our customers while your vehicle is being serviced.

Should your vehicle require an extended appointment (8 hours or longer of being serviced and/or not driveable), our service department may be able to provide you with a rental or loaner vehicle, for your convenience.

If a rental vehicle is required in excess of a 24 hour period, a special discounted rental rate may be available. As the needs of our service customers vary, our Service Manager will advise suitable arrangements on a per customer/per service basis, to keep you on the go while your vehicle is being serviced.

Please Note: It is our pleasure to provide loaner vehicles when necessary however, we ask a few simple courtesies of our benefitting customers.

  • Strait-Way Kia assigns loaner vehicles several days in advance of scheduled appointments. If you are using a loaner vehicle, we kindly ask that you return the vehicle on schedule so as not to inconvenience the next waiting customer.
  • If a loaner vehicle is not returned by the scheduled time, Strait-Way KIA advises our customers that rental fees may apply. We also advise our customers that any damages to the loaned vehicle while in the customer’s possession are the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Fuel is not provided by Strait-Way for loaner vehicles and we kindly ask that you return your loaner vehicle containing the same amount of fuel as when you received it, to avoid fuel charges.