2021 Kia Soul For Sale in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

2021 Kia Soul
2021 Kia Soul For Sale in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Since its establishment in 1999, the Strait-Way Kia dealership has continued to soar the heights in car dealerships. The dealership is located in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia and serves Cape Breton and Truro. Stocked with qualified and trained personnel to provide quality services to the customer, it continues to be one of the most reputable car stores in Southern Canada. We at Strait-Way work to ensure the client is satisfied and gets the best deal based on their finances, preferences, and needs.

2021 Kia Soul Overview

The 2021 Kia Soul, designed at Kia Center, has struck the market with tremendous success. The 2021 Kia Soul comes in different models/versions; LX, X-Line, GT-Line, EX, and Turbo versions. The subcompact crossover offers many new features and a spacious interior that seats five passengers comfortably.

2021 Kia Soul Exterior

Interior Features

Designed in Boxy SUV’s design with its noteworthy spacious interior, it is more roomy and accessible for passengers to enter. The driving position and chair-height seating are very nice as far as ingress and egress are concerned. The New Soul’s vertical shape ensures plenty of space for passengers and cargo, making it family-friendly. The interior design of black and red also gives the car its artistic aesthetics. The atmospheric lighting, a smartphone charging pad, and freedom for customization are the main features that make the Soul desirable.

2021 Kia Soul Exterior
2021 Kia Soul Interior

Driving Experience

Made of advanced high-quality steel for durability and safety systems such as Vehicle Stability Management, the user’s safety is assured even in difficult driving conditions. The subcompact design allows the Soul to manoeuvre exceptionally well, as it is small and handles precisely.

Engine Specifications

The Soul has two engine options, starting with the base 147 horsepower 2-litre engine, which can be had with either a six-speed manual or a continuously variable automatic transmission. During a test drive, the Soul X-Line with the CVT needed eight seconds to reach 96.5 kilometres per hour. The top Turbo model comes with a 201-horsepower turbocharged 1.6-litre engine and a seven-speed automatic transmission, which broke off a quick 6.4-second 96.5 km/h time.

2021 Kia Soul Interior

Fuel Consumption

The economy rating is as low as 6.7L/100KM for driving on highways and 9.4L/100KM while driving in the city. Still, it has economical fuel consumption when the car is compared to its rivals. The Soul is an overall affordable vehicle, which further adds to its affordable attributes.

What makes the 2021 KIA model different?

For the 2021 Kia Technology package, many changes and features have been added, making it different from its predecessors. The Rear Occupant Alert beeps or sends a text when someone accesses the back seat. The remote key system is also a new addition that was missing in the previous models. It’s the perfect way to warm up your car on a chilly morning from the comfort of your warm home.

In this 2021 model, new upgraded features from the previous model include the Rear Occupant Alert, a notification feature that notifies the driver when someone has access to the back seat. New shock valves have also been added to improve comfort on bumpy rides and rides on rough terrain.

Other features added for the driver’s convenience include an Automatic Emergency Braking System, Blind-spot Monitoring, Lane-keeping Assist, and Rear Cross-traffic Alert for monitoring vehicles approaching from behind, either from the left or the right side. With a ten-way powered driver’s seat adjustable coupled with tailgate cargo space, the Soul offers the perfect balance of comfort, fashion, and utility to the user.

Financing Options

We at Strait-Way Kia dealership have a professional team of technicians that are at your service. We work with you to identify the best possible option regarding your preferences. We also partner with various financial institutions to provide the best financing options to our customers. You can also apply for an online Pre-Approval Credit in our Finance Centre. You can also contact our team technicians for the rental and loan policies that we provide. Check out our New Soul Inventory and book a test-drive to experience the Kia difference. The Kia Protect is a must as it simplifies car ownership; contact us to know more about this package’s benefits.