Warning Signs It’s Time To Change Your Oil

Warning Signs

3 Warning Signs It's Time To Change Your Oil

Our goal at Straitway Kia is to support our customers' various automotive needs, and we do so by providing the proper maintenance and repairs to prolong their vehicles' lifespans. One of our excellent guides is the Vehicle Prep Tips, giving you tips on preparing your vehicle for spring. Another important vehicle maintenance is oil changes, but many don't know when to bring in their vehicle for new oil, which is why we have included the top 3 warning signs that it's time to change your oil. Aside from these warning signs, it would be best to follow the oil change intervals, but if your vehicle has any of these warning signs, you will want to visit our Service Centre.

Unusual Noises From Your Engine

When oil degrades and loses its lubricating capabilities, your engine will suffer from insufficient oiling, causing it to have metal on metal contact that can be noisy. If you hear any unusual noises from your engine bay, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible before more components are damaged.

The Engine Oil Is Black

Checking your oil level is an excellent way of keeping track of your engine's health, and aside from making sure that there is enough oil in the engine, you will also want to make sure that the oil is still in good condition. When oil turns black, it is a sign that the oil is old and has been through enough kilometres to break down, so make sure to get an oil change.

You Smell Burning Oil

Smelling burning oil is an indication that your engine requires an oil change, and as the smell continues, you will have less oil in your engine. Don't wait till your engine is running low on oil to get an oil change, as that can cause premature wear on its internal components.

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