5 Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Spring

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5 Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Spring

5 Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Spring

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All vehicles require some maintenance, but what your car needs will vary from season to season. In the colder winter temperatures, you will need to use windshield washer fluid rated for colder climates. You should also get your battery tested and, if needed, replaced. Cold temperatures are very hard on your car's battery, so you want to make sure that it will be able to start when you need it.

You won't have to worry about freezing temperatures in the warmer months, but you will need to make sure that you are comfortable through the hot upcoming months. Ensure your air conditioner is working correctly, and you may also want to get your car detailed. Proper car maintenance will ensure that your ride runs efficiently and will prevent costly repairs.

Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Once the snow begins to melt, you should get your car thoroughly washed, including the undercarriage, to remove any salt residue. Salt will eventually destroy the metal exterior of your vehicle, causing rust, and over time, body damage. It's also a good idea to get it waxed for an added layer of protection.

Since the air in tires can lose pressure and expand when the weather changes, you should check your tires' tension. Spring is also an excellent time to switch out your winter tires for good all-season tires.

Even if you don't need to switch out your tires, get your tires rotated to keep the tread wearing evenly and extend your tires' lives. If your car is pulling to one side of the steering wheel vibrates when you drive, book an appointment with our dealership's service centre. Be sure also to get an alignment and have your car's suspension inspected.

Get your brakes inspected before you have any issues. It is cheaper to replace your brake pads than to have to replace every component of your brake system because you let it go too long before getting them serviced, not to mention safer. Top up fluids and get an oil change if the last one was done before winter. It's an investment that prevents significant transmission damage and will also get you better gas mileage. Replace worn wiper blades with new ones and check for any leaks under your car. You should also inspect hoses and belts to ensure they are free from cracks, bulges, or holes.

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Seasonal car maintenance is crucial to caring for your car, so be sure to contact us for more directions and tips on preparing your vehicle for spring today!

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