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Protection Packages

Kia Protection Package in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

The smell of a new vehicle is challenging to duplicate, and as soon you step inside for the first time, it's an experience that is hard to forget. You've taken the time to research, narrow down, and pick the vehicle of your dreams, and for many, a vehicle is a personal extension of themselves. The care that new owners have is quite unique. Washing and cleaning it multiple times a week and making sure no harm comes to it. That's why Kia offers an added level of protection to keep your investment looking new. Kia's Protection Packages are designed to address many of the common roadblocks that come in the way of enjoying your Kia to its maximum. They provide security, confidence, and value, making it easy to keep your loved ones and yourself safe-including your Kia. At Strait-Way Kia, we are proud to offer residents of Cape Breton, Truro, and surrounding areas of Nova Scotia Protection Products that provide peace of mind. And don't forget the Protection Products are available on any Kia and our service and parts departments are ready to help. Continue reading to learn more about these great products.

Kia Paint Protection Package

Kia's Paint Protection Package helps to keep your paint from fading due to oxidation and other elements. The paint sealant bonds to the surface of your paint, helping create a smooth, durable finish that will fight against Canada's harsh environments. It will also protect your vehicles clear coat and help it look new, which will increase your resale value

Kia Fabric Protection Package

If you have kids, are prone to spill, or just want your interior to look newer, longer, then our Fabric Protection Package is a great option. It ensures that clean-ups or spills are easily washed and helps to avoid permanent staining. It will not alter the colour or texture of your interior, leaving it looking original.

Kia Under Coating Package

Canadian winters can be hectic but also have an impact on your Kia. Salt has the ability to get into all the creases of your vehicle. That's why undercoating is a great way to fight off the side effects; it seals your vehicle's inner body surfaces, stops rust perforation, lengthens the life of your vehicle's body structure, and preserves the appearance of your vehicle. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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